Friday, May 20, 2011

Mexico (Image heavy)

It's time I told you about Mexico. Mexico was AMAZING! we went to the Bercelo resort in Cancun Riviera Maya, which our friends Veronica and SFC West recommended to us. First thing's first, if you've never been on an all inclusive trip before you have to do it! It makes life so much less stressful! and it's altogether cheaper in the long run! We had so much fun! We spent so much time just relaxing and laying in the sun reading, and talking, and dreaming about the future together. all the things that newly weds should be doing in their first year of marriage but that we hadn't been able to do. I have decided that I LOVE hammocks! I literally could spend my life in a hammock, and we bought 2 so that we could hammock together. (yes i just made that a verb). While in Cancun we went on 2 adventures, one snorkeling in the Cenotes (rivers that start out underground) and then one that went to 2 places: like a natural amusement park, and the ancient Mayan city of Tullum. I got to see ruins and everything! it was amazing! ok enough jiber jabber, on to the pictures!

Waiting in line at customs

The bus ride to the hotel

our beautiful hotel!

 beach veiw!

cool dragon! 

 Our huge bathroom, there was a private toilet part with a door, and 2 showers!

 our view from the balcony

 The courtyard outside our room!

They would come around and clean the ash trays and stamp the sand with this several times a day

Nakey mermaid!

The beach!

There were iguanas everywhere!

I married a bandito! 

Every day when we walked past this statue Jake would say "how much do you like corn? do you like it enough to stand outside naked holding it above your head?"

The pool!

So happy to be together!

At Xel-Ha the natural amusement park

Seriously Iguanas were everywhere!

Manatees! we got there too late to swim with them, but jake took me so i could still get pictures!

They are so HUGE!

there are 2 here, it kind of looks like a shadow but it's not..

love this one!

These ruins were gorgeous!

There are more pictures to come of our snorkel trip but this is good for now!

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