Saturday, May 21, 2011

3:00 am bathroom runs

instead of being sad, I thought I should share a really funny story from Mexico. So we had this big gorgeous room, that had several big floor length mirrors in it. so one night, in the middle of the night I had to go to the bathroom, and I hated doing that because the flush was so loud, and i really didn't want to wake Jake. But I got up, as quiet as can be and went to the bathroom, barely opening my eyes, half asleep. As I walked back to the bed I turned where I stopped seeing wall and thought the room opened up for the bed.. well at that exact moment i see someone coming right at me. I SCREAMED bloody murder, until I realized that I had just walked into one of the mirrors, and it was me that i had just run into. So at this point Jake is up and worried about me, and i feel like a complete idiot. I'm sure he was annoyed but he was really sweet about it and said he was glad that i was okay. Well then he gets up to go potty, and I was like be careful of that mirror. well he got back with no problems so I ask for another goodnight kiss, I crawl over to his side of the bed alean over him to try and get it, well at that exact moment jake (leading with his elbow) turns over to face me so he can give me the smooch... His elbow smashes right into my nose and I had a bump and buise on it for like 3 days... HAHAHA it was as ridiculous a situation you can have in the dead of the night haha.

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