Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Lake

Ever since I was a teeny tiny baby, my family went on a family vacation at the beginning of August. While he was still alive, my Grandpa Egan would rent several "chalet's" on lake Michigan in Stevensville, MI for the first 2 weeks of August. My WHOLE dad's side of the family would come down and it would be a great time with all the cousins. My dad's side of the family is HUGE and they are very spread out, so without the lake, I would definitely not know my cousins (all 26 not including spouses or children).

I have so many amazing memories from the lake, including being buried in the sand, digging holes to china, and playing "the price is right" in the sand dunes. Those two weeks every summer were amazing, and even though they signified the close of the summer and the start of the school year I just couldn't wait for them to come every summer. I experienced my first "freedom" at the lake, it was a little gated community so our parents were ok with us going for walks around the grounds. My cousins (the ones closest to my age) and I would go collecting pop (and plenty of beer) cans from around the beaches, and the rest of the area so that we could "get rich." I seem to recall we actually did pretty well and made at least $10.00 each (that would be at least 300+ cans). My young summers at the lake definitely started to define me, unfortunately as we got older, my grandparents passed away, fewer and fewer cousins could come, and it dwindled down to only one week a summer, with only 2 families there the whole week. I became a camp counselor and busy in the summers and could only stop in for a few days. However, I LOVED the lake still! in my 24 years of existence I only missed one summer (I was living in PA) and I was miserable the whole time.

This summer my family has decided not to go to the lake. The Egan side had a family reunion earlier this year, so everybody already saw each other. Well that is, everybody besides me, because I was busy being the matron of honor in my bestie's wedding (which I wouldn't trade for the world but it's still sad that I missed the chance to see my family). also one of the cousin's weddings is this coming weekend so it would have infringed on the time at the lake and people are seeing each other there anyway, unfortunately I can't go to that either. So it is nobody's fault, but I will spend this summer without the normal cousin shenanigans and that makes me quite sad. The Lake truly is one of my favorite memories as a child, and Stevensville is one of my most favorite places on the whole planet (and not just because my handsome husband grew up there- Weird that my husbands from my vacation spot right?) This week I am feeling overly sentimental about the whole thing (if you can't tell from this post). I feel as though this marks the end of an era. So this week I am sure I will take at least one trip out to stevensville to spend some time with the in laws and then take a walk on THE beach and remember.

I will try and stop by my parents house this week as well, and get some old photos to post up here for you guys :)

What is soon?

*Disclaimer* I am very thankful that my husband is safe and unharmed, I am glad that he IS coming home. I am in no what demising the fact that I am thankful for this.  But this is the place that i explain my thoughts/frustrations related to this deployment, so here goes...

Everyone keeps saying that my husband's unit is coming home soon. What the stink does soon mean? Because they've been saying "SOON" since MAY... I know it's getting closer, and I have an idea of when it is, but man the closer it gets, the slower every second goes. I swear days have doubled in length, and my patience has worn completely through. I am just so ready for him to come home, I want to be in his arms, I want to smooch him, and I want to snuggle with him. I am trying so hard to keep a positive attitude, but let me tell you... it is HARD! especially since he's been coming home "soon" for the past 3 months.

I have spent the past year without my husband, I have spent the last year trying to avoid the news, and praying that he is safe. I have been solely responsible for our finances, and everything else here on the home front. I have tried to be strong and have tried really hard to be a good military wife. But I have reached my breaking point. Jake has asked me to stay positive, and I am working very hard to get excited about homecoming, but with time coming to a screeching hault it's kind of difficult. The word has been thrown around so many times, that I don't even know what it means anymore. There was a point where i thought that "soon" meant a few days.. but clearly that is not the case. and I feel as though we have all been through enough this year, that we deserve to just have our husbands home not "soon" but NOW!!!

ok my complaining is over.. I just have been having a very hard time with this now that it's getting closer and closer... (well maybe it's not really getting closer, and father time is just being a crotchety old man and messing with the time-space continuum... DARN YOU FATHER TIME) :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today I am going to be POSITIVE!!! lately I have been super bummed about how long this last part of the deployment is going. Jake's work has slowed down and it's frustrating to have him there not doing anything, when all I want is for him to be here. When he's working, and going on missions and such I understand why he is there, it still sucks, but he has purpose. When he's just there not doing army things, it's hard to see a point in us being separated. But Jake asked me to switch my attitude around last night, so that is what I am doing.
Today I am happy about the fact that this deployment is almost over.
Today I am happy to hear from my husband as often as i do.
Today I am SO THANKFUL that my husband has made it this far through the deployment safely
Today I am in absolute love with the man i married.
Today I am happy that my dinning room table is cleaned off.
Today I am really happy it's Cherry season (I may or may not have eaten half a bag just now)
Today I am just really glad that soon I will be in my husband arms, and *Smooch Fest 2011* can commence ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road Trip 2011

So, before I can tell you the story of my past week I need to fill you in on the situation. I hinted at this situation, but never explained it because not everyone knew about it yet, and I didn't feel that it was my place to share. But, about 3 weeks ago now my husbands best friend was injured in Iraq. His truck hit an IED (roadside bomb) and he took shrapnel to his head and face. Thanks to a fabulous medic (my Jake) and some really great hospital staff in Iraq and Germany, Josh is going to recover fully. He does have a long road ahead of him but he has his beautiful, loving wife by his side. Josh's wife, Abby is one of my closest friends from this whole deployment, and with Jake becoming so close to Josh we have bonded as couples even though we were separated from each other. SO now that you understand the situation, here is what I have been up to this week:

  Last Friday a bunch the wives/significant others from Jake's unit got together and went on a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan. We had been planning this event for at least a month, and Abby was so bummed that she couldn't go because she was in Germany at the hospital with Josh (she was very glad to be by his side for his surgeries and everything, but it was hard being there alone, knowing all her friends were out getting dressed up and going out) So, another amazing Army Wife, Carlie and I put our heads together, and made it so Abby could come with us.

Carlie and I just hanging out with Abby :)

Abby whispering sweet nothings into Carlie's ear

Of course the captain had to take the prettiest girl on the boat out for a spin around the dance floor!

Abby, you be JFK and I'll be Marilyn Monroe

The next day after the cruise (I spent the night at Carlie's) Carlie and I were laying in bed discussing the fact that we had just found out that Abby and Josh had arrived safely to Walter Reed, but that they were having an awful time with the staff there. I semi-jokingly said "I wish we could just go visit her" then we both just looked at each other with that "i'm serious if you're serious" look, and that is how Road Trip 2011 came about. After getting the support of our husbands, we drove all night (so that Carlie's 21 month old daughter could sleep the whole way) and got to Washington DC at around 6:00 am Sunday morning, we checked into the hotel, showered and then called Abby and said "how would you like to have breakfast with your 2 favorite army wives" she was confused as to where we were at first, then so surprised that we drove all the way out there to see her! I'm so glad that we were able to make the trip, and be there with Abby during some of Josh's procedures, and just help keep her spirits up. We are pretty sure that staff there thinks that we are sister wives, and that Josh is married to all three of us. I suppose it would be confusing, but it was really funny that the doctors never quite understood which "wife" to talk to. 

Our fortune cookie on the way out of town, it knew!!!

Don't worry, Gracie drove through the night and got us there safely!

Gracie was exhausted after teaching Josh how to take care of her baby doll

We're so pretty :)

Happy to be together 

This time I'm JFK and Abby's Marilyn Monroe

We love each other

Carlie and Abby, aren't they pretty?

I'm so glad we were able to be with Abby for a little while, I wish I could stay there with her. It is so unfortunate that they are getting such poor care at Walter Reed, and all I can hope is that if it truly does close in 30 days like they say it is going to, they get moved to a much better facility with doctors and nurses that care much more about their patients than at walter reed. Josh is an american hero, wounded for this nation, and he is being treated like crap where he is. That just infuriates me! Please pray for the continued recovery of Josh Davis, as well as better care for him and his family, and for the safe return of our remaining soldiers overseas!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's your song? link up

HAPPY THURSDAY!!! I have a feeling it's going to be a great day! After the fiasco that was yesterday, it better be a good day :) You know what thursday means.. SONG LINK UP!!! (my total favorite!)
So head on over to Good Night Moon and check out the different songs!

This week I am going to share with you "our songs" but before I do I should remind you all that we aren't the standard couple. We are goofy, and not very traditional when it comes to the romantic stuff. We find our songs in the most random ways, and why they become our songs beats me. haha

Our first song isn't originally from Loony Tunes, but that is where we first heard it and fell in love. I often write "send me a kiss by wire, baby my hearts on fire" on the envelope when I send him letters.

Our next song is also from Looney Tunes. It's such a catchy tune, and we sing it to each other all the time, but instead of saying "I love to singa" Jake says "I love Da Baby" (that's what he calls me) I say "I love Da Boy" (what I call him) .

Our last song is mildly more traditional, still not a slow dance song, but it works with our personalities. We love Dave Matthew's Band and this song is just so fun!

I love that we aren't the typical couple, it suits us well. However, it was a little weird picking our first dance song at our wedding, we considered busting out one of the Looney Tunes songs, but we figured it would be awkward to dance to, and people might just be confused. So instead we danced to "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" by Elton John. It was appropriate for a wedding, but was from the Lion King so it still had our little kid aspect. I hope you enjoyed our songs! remember to go check out the link up and see what everybody else is listening to this week!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I pray for you

Sometimes, when all else fails, all you can do is rely on the Lord, and know that He will not let you down. in times of fear and heartache, He will be there to help you, He will be there to ease your pain. Sometimes that's all you can believe in. As the situation heats up in Iraq, all I can do is pray. Sometimes it is enough to make my heart feel better, and sometimes my imagination goes too crazy. But when I'm stressed or scared the way I deal with it is by doing SOMETHING to help. The worst is when I feel useless, so because I cannot personally go over there and keep our soldiers safe, the next best thing is to ask someone who can. I ask that my followers join me in prayer in getting these guys back safely! Please pray for these soldiers from now until they are back in our arms!

Lord, please protect the men and women in Jake's unit, and around the world serving this great country. Please watch over them and bring each one home safely to their loved ones. Please keep their morale high throughout the rest of this deployment, help them to see that they are doing good (things) and help them to stay focused on the task at hand. Help us spouses to be the strength that our soldiers need us to be while they deal with the hard things around them. And help us not to go crazy with worry during these uncertain times. Please change the hearts of those that wish to do our soldiers harm, and bring them to follow You. Help them to see the pain and heartache they are causing and bring them into Your Way of forgiveness and love. Also Lord, please let my husband feel my love for him, as I cannot hug him, or physically comfort him in any way right now. Please let him feel my hug and my smooch, from this far away. All things are possible through Your Son!
In Jesus' name, Amen

I know that I already posted this song a few weeks back, but really it's exactly how I feel right now, so here you go! (again)