Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glad game

So, I am babysitting right now, and both my kids are sleeping so I thought I would take a second to blog.

I have realized today that my attitude just isn't as positive as it should be. In order to get throught the rest of this deployment, I need to look more onto the positive sides of things. An optimistic attitude can get you very far in life. A few months back on facebook my friend Dayle reminded me of the scene in Polyanna where she plays the "glad game"

Thank you Dayle for reminding me about this! because it's what I need to do. so here is my list. I think I am going to make this a weekly thing.. but we will see, because I am not the most consistent at blogging.

1. instead of being sad that Jake is gone- I am GLAD he has a job. I am GLAD he can use the phone/internet. I am GLAD he is safe.
2. instead of being lonely- I am GLAD that I have time for myself. I am GLAD I have time to read a book, relax, and take a bath whenever I feel like it. I am GLAD that I at least have a teddy bear to keep me company.
3. instead of feeling grumpy because I am sick- I am GLAD that I can afford medicine. I am GLAD that this is not an often occurrence. I am GLAD that I am sick while Jake is gone, to hopefully get it out of the way so that I am healthy while Jake is here.

The kids are up now, so that's my list for now, but I'm sure I will add to it as the week goes on.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from an Army Wife

My husband is a soldier. He leaves for long periods of time, and I don't get to do the regular everyday things that other people get to do with their husbands. And just because I can make it through long (very long) periods of time without him, does not mean I love my husband any less than any other wife does.  I am a different kind of wife, I only have a handful of ways to show him I love him. So on this valentine's day, I would like to share with you a few ways (in no particular order) that I have found you can show love to your husband, even when he's far away.
1. Care Packages/letters- you don't have to do anything crazy or extravagant, something homemade or hand written goes a long way, just putting in the time means a lot.
2. Words of encouragement- remind him how proud you are, and how much you appreciate all that he does for you.
3. Words of trust- These are for things you say to others, don't speak harshly or say anything rude or hurtful about your significant other when speaking to your friends, even if these words are never heard by the other person, they damage your relationship in irreparable ways.
4. Take care of yourself- one of the hardest things for Jake to know is that I am having a hard time, so by doing things for myself, and keeping myself happy, I am showing him honor and respect (I am showing care to the one he loves while he is not here to do it himself)
5.  Emails- this goes along with the letters and the words of encouragement

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the green eyed monster

Sometimes I find it really hard to keep my mouth shut (or fingers from typing) when I hear (or see) someone say "I miss my husband, it's been a whole week" or "I miss my boyfriend when he's at work" or "I never see my husband" (said by someone that sleeps in the same bed as him every night.) I get so mad and frustrated, because I would love to be away from my husband for only a week, I would be so happy if I could miss Jake during one work day, and to sleep in the same bed as him would truly be amazing. every time is see a facebook status like this I fantasize about setting this lady straight, showing her that she has no idea what it means to miss her husband, to have him gone for a year, with an 8 hour time difference, bad internet connection, and to top it all of, in a war zone. but then when I think about it, it's not fair for me to think that I am the only one with the right to miss my significant other. These people aren't trying to be rude, or jerks rubbing it in that they get to see their husbands as often as they do, they really are just trying to spend every second they can with the men they love. and that's exactly what I would do if I could. So essentially I am just being jealous, so if I have said something to you, I'm sorry, this deployment is kind of making me crazy jealous, and i'm really sorry.