Monday, March 21, 2011

Kicking this deployment's BOOTY

It's amazing what a little sun, working out, and time with friends can do. I am officially looking on the brightside. I am in complete love with my life. I honestly have the best husband in the world, he is so supportive and amazing! I love him <3 he has my back in everything and I love that! The sun really does change my mood, knowing that sun dresses, skirts, flip flops, and beach time are right around the corner brings such a smile to my face. I know that it is still pretty chilly (and it's raining today) but I have seen the sun!! and it is an amazing thing! It's crazy how the threat of spring has brought my mood back, but it has in a big way. I also think that working out and not eating out as much has helped for sure! The more I go to zumba and pilates the happier I am! The better I feel about everything! I am so happy I have finally figured out how to get through this deployment.... it only took me 6 months of being miserable haha.

Having said that, it could be that we are over the hump, and over halfway done with deployment now! It just feels less unending, and it feels like a manageable amount of time! YAY! I feel like we are kicking this deployment booty in a big way! I am so glad that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! We've got this ladies! keep trucking girls!

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