Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just when I'm unsure if I can take anymore, Jake sends me words of encouragement and love. I have never been treated with such respect and honor in my life. he speaks to me like a loving husband. No one has ever trusted, respected, and honored me in this way. Even when I'm having a hard time, he is here for me, he makes me feel so special and loved. I could not have asked for a better husband, and I could not be happier with the man I have. I can only pray that he can feel all of the respect, and love from me the way i feel it from him. He truly makes me so happy even from 6800 miles
I know I talk about how lonely I am, and that's not meant to be me being negative, but just me being honest. I am not going to pretend like I'm all sunshine and rainbows, when in actuality I am having a hard time. Because unless you live this life, you can't understand it, and my point in writing on here is to give you a small sliver of understanding of what I am going through. This does not mean that I don't cherish everything I have, and this doesn't mean that I only think about the bad things in my life (the army is actually a pretty good thing in my life at times). If you do not approve of what I am saying or how I am saying it, then by all means, please quit reading my blog/facebook/twitter. I promise to be honest about my feelings in all of my blog posts, I hope that my readers can understand my desire to be real and that they appreciate it, if not, I don't mind if I am writing for myself.


  1. <3

    Oh man! I want fake Claire :P haha

  2. Your hubby sounds like an amazing man. To be supportive and encouraging so far away is a feat in itself. I hope you continue to blog and to be honest in everything you write! :)