Saturday, March 5, 2011


I just got one of the greatest gifts I could have ever gotten. Jake went to the USO on his base and recorded himself reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  on DVD and sent the DVD's and the book to me. when we first started dating he would read Captain Blue Bear to me every night before I went to sleep and it was the greatest thing ever! (I've always loved being read to at bedtime, my daddy did up to high school- and even a little in HS) but life got busy, and we started going to bed at different times and such so it doesn't happen anymore. but this gift makes it so it can! I love the voices jake makes when he reads, and his faces when he thinks something is funny or stupid or silly. These Dvd's represent hours of work he put into reading this book (7 mini discs) at a time when he's had the busiest mission schedules. I truly have the most thoughtful amazing husband in the world. This truly is the most treasured gift I've ever received! Thank you so much honey!


  1. You two are so cute! I love it!

  2. Thanks :) our goal is to be cute forever like you and SFC West :)