Saturday, July 30, 2011

What is soon?

*Disclaimer* I am very thankful that my husband is safe and unharmed, I am glad that he IS coming home. I am in no what demising the fact that I am thankful for this.  But this is the place that i explain my thoughts/frustrations related to this deployment, so here goes...

Everyone keeps saying that my husband's unit is coming home soon. What the stink does soon mean? Because they've been saying "SOON" since MAY... I know it's getting closer, and I have an idea of when it is, but man the closer it gets, the slower every second goes. I swear days have doubled in length, and my patience has worn completely through. I am just so ready for him to come home, I want to be in his arms, I want to smooch him, and I want to snuggle with him. I am trying so hard to keep a positive attitude, but let me tell you... it is HARD! especially since he's been coming home "soon" for the past 3 months.

I have spent the past year without my husband, I have spent the last year trying to avoid the news, and praying that he is safe. I have been solely responsible for our finances, and everything else here on the home front. I have tried to be strong and have tried really hard to be a good military wife. But I have reached my breaking point. Jake has asked me to stay positive, and I am working very hard to get excited about homecoming, but with time coming to a screeching hault it's kind of difficult. The word has been thrown around so many times, that I don't even know what it means anymore. There was a point where i thought that "soon" meant a few days.. but clearly that is not the case. and I feel as though we have all been through enough this year, that we deserve to just have our husbands home not "soon" but NOW!!!

ok my complaining is over.. I just have been having a very hard time with this now that it's getting closer and closer... (well maybe it's not really getting closer, and father time is just being a crotchety old man and messing with the time-space continuum... DARN YOU FATHER TIME) :)

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