Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I pray for you

Sometimes, when all else fails, all you can do is rely on the Lord, and know that He will not let you down. in times of fear and heartache, He will be there to help you, He will be there to ease your pain. Sometimes that's all you can believe in. As the situation heats up in Iraq, all I can do is pray. Sometimes it is enough to make my heart feel better, and sometimes my imagination goes too crazy. But when I'm stressed or scared the way I deal with it is by doing SOMETHING to help. The worst is when I feel useless, so because I cannot personally go over there and keep our soldiers safe, the next best thing is to ask someone who can. I ask that my followers join me in prayer in getting these guys back safely! Please pray for these soldiers from now until they are back in our arms!

Lord, please protect the men and women in Jake's unit, and around the world serving this great country. Please watch over them and bring each one home safely to their loved ones. Please keep their morale high throughout the rest of this deployment, help them to see that they are doing good (things) and help them to stay focused on the task at hand. Help us spouses to be the strength that our soldiers need us to be while they deal with the hard things around them. And help us not to go crazy with worry during these uncertain times. Please change the hearts of those that wish to do our soldiers harm, and bring them to follow You. Help them to see the pain and heartache they are causing and bring them into Your Way of forgiveness and love. Also Lord, please let my husband feel my love for him, as I cannot hug him, or physically comfort him in any way right now. Please let him feel my hug and my smooch, from this far away. All things are possible through Your Son!
In Jesus' name, Amen

I know that I already posted this song a few weeks back, but really it's exactly how I feel right now, so here you go! (again)


  1. Praying! I'm in complete agreeance with your prayer as well...well except for the smooching Jake part, he doesn't need to feel my kisses ;) Thanks for sharing this prayer request, there is nothing better than 2 or 3 joining together in specific prayers!!!!

    Yes, I realize I made up a word ;)

  2. Beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing.