Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today I am going to be POSITIVE!!! lately I have been super bummed about how long this last part of the deployment is going. Jake's work has slowed down and it's frustrating to have him there not doing anything, when all I want is for him to be here. When he's working, and going on missions and such I understand why he is there, it still sucks, but he has purpose. When he's just there not doing army things, it's hard to see a point in us being separated. But Jake asked me to switch my attitude around last night, so that is what I am doing.
Today I am happy about the fact that this deployment is almost over.
Today I am happy to hear from my husband as often as i do.
Today I am SO THANKFUL that my husband has made it this far through the deployment safely
Today I am in absolute love with the man i married.
Today I am happy that my dinning room table is cleaned off.
Today I am really happy it's Cherry season (I may or may not have eaten half a bag just now)
Today I am just really glad that soon I will be in my husband arms, and *Smooch Fest 2011* can commence ;)

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  1. Ohhhhh this is an amazing post. I think I will join in on your positive-ness. It is contagious :)