Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's your song? link up

So i've been posting a lot of songs lately, for whatever reason that's where I've been finding my solace. well i found this awesome link up at GoodNight Moon where every thursday she has people link up and post a song that describes how they're feeling that week. I think this is my favorite link up I've found yet. so here is the song that describes my emotions this week (except for the whole you gave up on us part.. clearly Jake still loves me) I discovered this song from a friend who was leaving the country and posted a few lines of it on her husband's wall, and I kind of got hooked, I listen to it all the time now.

The part that really does it for me in this song is "don't count the miles, count the "I love you"s" that sums up exactly how i feel about this whole deployment.


  1. just kidding, i missed the link up by like 2 minutes literally....

  2. Oh you always have such great posts! Thanks for sharing :)