Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's thursday again!

I really love this link up! I feel like thursday snuck up on me this week, and that's AWESOME! that's one more week closer to the hubs coming home! YAY! So, Head on over to Good Night Moon and share your song for this week!

(she has a beautiful button, but I can't seem to get it to work.. maybe next week)

Mine is an oldie, but I love it. and it defines how much I am in Love with Jake. This week he has worked so hard at supporting me, and making sure I know just how loved and respected I am. he honors me, and speaks to me with respect, kindness, and love. He knows whats best for me, and helps me discover those things on my own. He truly is an amazing husband, and even though he is far away, he is here for me 100% I love him so much!

I totally wrote this and posted it, then got distracted and never linked up or anything... but here is my song :)

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  1. New layout!? Loving the pictures :) And i love oldies! Have an amazing weekend!