Wednesday, June 15, 2011

headaches, pjs and iphones

So I have been waking up with killer headaches lately, for no reason. I used to get headaches so bad that I couldn't function. I would even get severe migraines on a regular basis. Thankfully these have not escalated to migraines yet, but they are still awful. That would be why I haven't made many posts lately, and those I have made are short sweet and to the point. Today was another headache day, but I went a got a new phone anyways, because I had been waiting till pay day to get my iphone. I am so excited about it! I have been downloading apps all day. if you have any suggestions on apps that i just have to have, please tell me! anyways, after I got home from verizon it was straight into my jammies, and I have had a jammie party for the rest of the day.. with a  few baths thrown in for good measure (with bath tea to try and help the headache). Professor finnigan (my teddy) and I have been watching the show Jeremiah and snuggling on the couch all day. It's days like today that I wish Jake was here to snuggle with me. Oh well, soon enough. I think I will forgo the healthy cooking tonight, and eat Velveta Rotini with broccoli and cheese... comfort food for the head.. I hope you guys all have a good snuggley evening even though it's so crummy outside

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  1. It really is days like those that I miss the boy too! Can't you said soon enough.....I guess lol.