Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love Dare Linky

Yesterday I did Tia's practice linky, today I'm going to do Lori's. :) If you missed my post yesterday, Teresa and Lori are going to be doing a combined link up series with the book Love Dare at their blogs Precious Grains of Sand and Penelope Blue. I love this idea! it's going to be awesome! be sure to follow it! it will be awesome!

The theme for Lori's link up is sharing about your spouse. Well if you know anything about me, you know I can talk about Jake for hours!!!
Here are some Wedding pictures for your enjoyment!!!
Photos by Jenna Rose Photography!

We  met in Latin class Fall semester, 2008. I had a giant crush on him and so finally the last day of the semester, I invited him over to study for the final. We hit it off right away, and spent HOURS talking, I invited him to a christmas cookie party that I was having that weekend and we spent the day before making cookies for it, we spent 14 hours just hanging out talking, getting to know each other and making cookies. The day of the party came, and I made my roommate go with me to buy Mistletoe to maybe help him make his move. I spent the whole night standing under the mistletoe, and nothing happened. then at the very end of the party I was not paying attention and didn't even realize I was under it at this point, he came up and kissed me! I was so surprised that I forgot to kiss him back. He then pulled away terrified that he shouldn't have kissed me, hahaha I had to be like no it was ok, do it again! and we've been together ever since! We started dating December 12th, 2008. Got engaged on April 2nd, 20010. and were married on June 5th, 2010. This past year has been the happiest and the hardest of my life. I am in love with my husband, and could not be happier with the man that is my husband, but it's hard because we are not physically together right now, and let me tell you, being away from your husband for 7 months is a REALLY long time.

TELL ME ABOUT YOU AND YOUR HUBBY..Your names: Jake and Claire
How old are you? I am 24, he is 22 (I know I'm a cradle robber) :)
When did you start dating? end of 2008
When were you married? June 5th, 2010
Where were you married? Laketown golf and conference center Saugatuck, MI
What was your first dance song? "Can you feel the Love tonight" By Elton John
Did you take a honeymoon? if so, to where? Hawaii! We hope to one day live there (if the army cares about our plans at all... that is still to be seen)
Any kids(Names, ages) : Jake, 22 and Claire, 24 (we are our own kids hehehe)
Any pets?  NO!!!!
How many kids do you want? Not sure yet
What do you and your husband do for a living? Me- Housewife, Jake- US Soldier 

Where did you meet: Latin Class :)
Favorite vacation you've been on with your hubby: Hawaii! (but we are going to Mexico VERY soon, so who knows where that'll rank)
Favorite things to do? We love going out to new fun restaurants, and really just anytime we spend together is precious, because he's not always here.. 
Where do you live (state)? MI for now... cannot wait to see where the army is going to send us after this deployment
What are your spouse's favorite things to do if they had ANY choice and unlimited funds: Travel, eat out every meal every day, and go shopping
What are your favorite things to do if you had ANY choice and unlimited funds: travel, eat out every meal every day, and go shopping (we are a lot alike)
Favorite foods? um depends on the day for me but for Jake it's Pizza hands down (he often tells me he wishes he married pizza instead of me)
Last but not least, if you could offer one piece of marital advice, what would it be?enjoy every precious moment together, and don't let little things hang you up.


  1. I can't wait to read more of your posts during the Love Dare link ups :) I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey will lead our marriages :) I also lived in Allendale/Grand Rapids (went to GVSU) for 5 years, so it's fun to know exactly where you live in this bloggy world!!

  2. I so enjoyed reading about you and your hubby and the love you share! Can't wait to hear about how you do the Love Dare... gonna be really different for you since you are so far apart, but I know you will find valuable tools to use anyway! Take care!!! Jules