Monday, April 18, 2011

Ahhhh now that's refreshing

My sister Teresa over at precious grains of sand, is practicing her linky skillz because she, along with Lori at Penelope Blue are going to be doing a linky series on the Love Dare. I am super excited about this!! And I plan on participating with dares that are not unreasonable for someone that is 6800 miles away from their spouse.
     So, in order to practice she set up a linky for people to link up with things that they find refreshing! so here goes!

1) The fact that my countdown paper chain started out longer than me.. and now it's just about the length of my forearm!!! JAKE WILL BE HERE SO SOON!!!!!! We will be SMOOCHING in MEXICO very soon! that is STINKIN refreshing!!!!

2) a Glass of Raspberry lemonade is very refreshing

3) Waking up to voice of the stinky boy, is quite refreshing

1 comment:

  1. ahhhhh that IS refreshing :) Love the paper chain one the best I think!

    Thanks for participating!