Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jake's Christmas present

So what do you get a man that lives in the desert with very little space of his own? I decided to go with something from the heart. So I decided to write him a song. However, I am not musically gifted, so my friend Jes helped me to shape the words I wanted to say and she put them to music and recorded them with her friend Al Hilgendorf. I could not have done this without them! Jes is so talented and I am so thankful that she was willing to cowrite this song with me.

When going through a deployment there are so many emotions that come up and I have had trouble finding a song that describes my feelings about this. Nothing fit with me. One of my biggest struggles is the dichotomy between how lonely I am and how proud of him I am. This struggle was my starting off point for the song, and the words went on from there. So this was my attempt at making sense of things. Jes is such a talented artist, and her friend Al did such a great job cutting this for me. I couldn't be happier with the results. I am posting the lyrics here, with the slideshow I made (hope you enjoy pictures of Jake and I :) I would love to know what you all think about it. Let me know :)

                 My Soldier, My Husband
                     By: Claire Grimm and Jes VanderRoest

You promised our country, You promised me
You fight for our country, We fight for you and me
The black night accentuates the loneliness inside
My pillow feels damp from the tears I have yet to cry

You are my hero
My best friend
My soldier
My husband
You are "The Boy"
My lover
My army man
My over comer

But looking back on that rainy day in June
We stood in the sun, and I made a promise too
That even in the obstacles of army life
I’d honor and respect you, here, as your wife


The source of my sadness is the source of my pride
I am honored to have a soldier to stand beside


Our love transcends these miles and these hours
 Revealing the dark night has no true power
 When in the stillness just before sleep comes
I find peace in the promise of our love


And I get to say that I’m your wife


  1. Dichotomy, nice.
    You did a beautiful job on this video. Not sure how it is I'm just seeing it. I love the way the picture of the heart in the sand shows as the line "we fight for you and me" is sung. Beautiful.

    Continuing to pray for you both. May God bless you abundantly.

  2. oh HERE IT IS!! so beautiful, friend! I just love those words :D