Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bad moments not bad days

Throughout a deployment there are so many feelings and emotions that come up. and I have heard over and over that there are "good days" and "bad days." I disagree with this, I think there are good moments and bad moments, I don't want one break down to soil my chances of having a "good day." I am beginning to feel quite strongly about this subject because it has been brought to my attention that people seem to be rating my success at this deployment- and that I have not been scoring very high. There are at least 5 or 6 women that believe that I am "taking this the worst" or that I am "not dealing with this in a healthy manner" or many other things along those lines. after hearing these things my first thought was that maybe they're right. But how could I be so far off the mark? I was (and am) so proud of myself for dealing with everything the way I have been. Then to have people basically flat out tell you you're wrong is so discouraging. I understand that they are "trying to help" but lets be honest all it did was send me to a lower place, making me believe that really dealing with this well was unattainable. Enter my hero of a husband! He made me realize that I did not have to listen to these people at all, and none of these people know everything and that he is the only one that truly knows all that I'm going through, and all the ways I choose to handle it. He helped me realize that I should be proud of where I am, and how much I accomplish. He also helped me realize that it's not an all or nothing thing, I can have a really hard moment, a break down and cry, but the day doesn't end there, I can also get things accomplished, and send a love letter to him, and pray and read my bible, and do so many other things to strengthen me. This  entry is not to bad mouth these people at all, and I know they are trying to help and I appreciate that they worry about me. This is more of a defense of how I am dealing with this. I know everyone deals with things differently but I like to take it one step at a time. For every breakdown I can have a smile too, I can be lonely and miss my husband and still be doing okay. My loneliness does not define my life.


  1. You are married to one very wise man. I've been very impressed with how well you have been doing. I may not say it enough, but it's true. I can not begin to imagine how I might respond if I were in your shoes. God has blessed you with the ability to as you say, take this one step at a time. Keep walking sister, you are already more than 25% done (if my math is right :))

  2. Oh, and I want to add...I'm so sorry that people unintentionally make life harder for you. You know what works for you and what doesn't, you know how blessed you are and how successful you have been, ignore the rest of us. We just want to be there for you and if at any time that being there begins to cause you pain or frustration pull back for a day or two, regroup, or just tell us to have confidence in you, and I hope I speak for everyone when I say, we will.