Monday, December 20, 2010

P90X day 1

I successfully completed day one of P90X.. it was interesting to say the least, I am not as good as the guys on the dvd... but I think if I keep working I can get there, I do have to confess that I took an unintentional 30 min break part way through because Jake called- I wasn't trying to cheat, I have no idea when he is going to call, and it was on a good phone line- not over crapy internet so I had to take the call... I promise next time I'll do it the whole way through with no breaks. Today i did the chest and back workout, and my first goal is to be able to do all the pushups for real- no knees, then maybe one day I'll be able to do the pull ups without the chair to help I'd be happy with just one pull-up... but that is not yet... Baby steps. But I think if I stick with this, I can really become The Buff and Tough Baby!!! :) Jake better watch out, by the time he gets home I will be all sorts of strong! :)

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