Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm back!!! Sorry that I have basically abandoned you guys lately, but I have been a little pre occupied with this stinky boy of mine ;) I love having him home! I love lazy days, and busy days, and any day in between. He just makes me so happy! I love doing his laundry, cooking for him, and doing his dishes. Having him home might mean more housework, but I will gladly do more house work any day if it means I get smooches!!!
here are a few highlights from the past 2 weeks

This was at the homecoming ceremony, the sign says "SCP GRIMM, always under the same stars, finally under the same roof"

We went to a cook out with a few of the other families from the unit

We went kayaking with the Davis' and the West's (it was freaking FREEZING)

Yesterday we ran the Warrior Dash in Ohio with the Kosten's!

I am basically a viking warrior princess.

This week we are going on a CRAZY camping/canoeing  trip in Minnesota at the boundary waters with some of our friends from the unit (do you see a theme? everyone we've hung out with is from the unit) so get excited  to read all about it!!!

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  1. I love what you wrote on the sign. I love these pictures, I know I said that on most of them on facebook already, but there is something about seeing them here that makes me like them all over again.

    If you thought it was cold kayaking in Michigan you are likely going to be REALLY cold canoeing in Minnesota, but I hope you can keep each other warm.

    Miss you, love you! T