Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finally the thursday I've been waiting for!!!

he is not in my arms, but he is safely in the country!! so because I am sure in the coming weeks I will be MIA I am going to do our homecoming song this week :)
so go link up with good night moon (on her GORGEOUS new blog design) and enjoy what everyone is rocking to this week.

I chose this song because it explains exactly how our relationship is. Even after everything, he is still the one for me ;)

WELCOME HOME 1436th SOLDIERS! Can't wait to welcome you home in person!


  1. YAY!! So glad your Soldier is home safely-ENJOY!

  2. What a beautiful song... And HOOAH!!! Your man in on American soil... That is wonderful news!!! I don't think there is anything in the world better than a homecoming... It's like a honeymoon all over again..... Enjoy yourselves!!! Have a blast!!! I'm so happy for you guys... God bless you!!! And, tell him I said "Welcome Home..." :) Olivia ( P.S. Here's my song link-up @ )

  3. Welcome home to your Soldier and congratulations to you for making through deployment! A happy day indeed!

  4. Hooray! Glad he's back safe and soon to be in your arms. Nice choice this week!

  5. Welcome home to your Soldier, I am so happy that he is home, this is the perfect choice for the circumstances.