Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Un-hirable Nanny...

My husband is trying to go active duty, because he knows that being a soldier is his calling, it's what God made him to do. He would like to make his sole living by being an active duty soldier, instead of a national guard soldier, where he is only a soldier a few times a month (the saying goes 1 weekend a month 2 weeks a year, but thats not really that accurate), and has to have a civilian job to support us. This process is long and drawn out, and is the entire reason he is deployed currently. We do not know if this request will be granted, and if it is, We do know we will be moved to a base somewhere but we do not know when or where that will be. We do know that if we move it will not be until after Thanksgiving, and possibly quite longer than that. So now, as his wife, I am trying to find a job, to help keep us a float for the next three (or more) months after he comes home to no civilian job, and we are just waiting to go active. Let me tell you how frustrating this is. Nobody wants to hire a nanny that may be moving in 3 months, and I'm not willing to be dishonest about that fact, because I truly believe in full disclosure. But this totally stinks, I have already sacrificed so much for this country, I have spent the last YEAR away from my husband, we have given up so much so that my husband can defend this country, and now I have to give up on finding a job as well? That hardly seems fair... I feel like if anything, the fact that I a military spouse should work in my FAVOR in getting a nanny job, not against me. I am feeling very defeated at this point, I still have some more interviews lined up, and hopefully my dream nanny job is out there for me. But so far, I could totally see it in their faces when they interview me and they ask "How long would you plan on staying with us?" that mental delete button is pushed, and I lose any chance I had of getting the job. It just breaks my heart that I have sacrificed so much and nobody even really appreciates it, and nobody is willing to go out on a limb and hire me. I am a college educated woman with 4-6 years of extensive child care experience, it's not as if I am not qualified for a nanny position. It is very clear that this is the main reason I keep losing the positions I interview for, and it is frustrating. I will sacrifice anything for this family, and I am willing to even give up having a job so my husband can fulfill his dream of being a soldier, I am not upset about that at all, I am just a little concerned about how we are expected to make ends meet for the next 3 months if I am "un-hirable" because we MIGHT be moving.

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  1. This BLOWS. But as a nanny, I can guarantee there are people looking for short term contracts. & if they aren't, they might be looking for someone immediately & be willing to deal with your predicament. Keep looking lady. If you were down here, I know of a few jobs for ya. :-(