Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glad game

So, I am babysitting right now, and both my kids are sleeping so I thought I would take a second to blog.

I have realized today that my attitude just isn't as positive as it should be. In order to get throught the rest of this deployment, I need to look more onto the positive sides of things. An optimistic attitude can get you very far in life. A few months back on facebook my friend Dayle reminded me of the scene in Polyanna where she plays the "glad game"

Thank you Dayle for reminding me about this! because it's what I need to do. so here is my list. I think I am going to make this a weekly thing.. but we will see, because I am not the most consistent at blogging.

1. instead of being sad that Jake is gone- I am GLAD he has a job. I am GLAD he can use the phone/internet. I am GLAD he is safe.
2. instead of being lonely- I am GLAD that I have time for myself. I am GLAD I have time to read a book, relax, and take a bath whenever I feel like it. I am GLAD that I at least have a teddy bear to keep me company.
3. instead of feeling grumpy because I am sick- I am GLAD that I can afford medicine. I am GLAD that this is not an often occurrence. I am GLAD that I am sick while Jake is gone, to hopefully get it out of the way so that I am healthy while Jake is here.

The kids are up now, so that's my list for now, but I'm sure I will add to it as the week goes on.

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